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Rewards Seekers

Reward Seekers

Talented freelancers generating quality content and driving product awareness via engagement and message amplification

Reward Verifiers

Experienced users incentivised to review more complex rewards and continually improve the quality of user submissions

Portal Stars

Premium Rewards for freelancers who earn reputation by successfully completing more complex tasks - 'proof of work' ;)

Rewards Types

Standard Reward

Simple and easy tasks enhancing social media engagement and driving brand awareness. Automatically verified via APIs

Exclusive Reward

Skilled & knowledge based content creation tasks requiring a second level of verification by trusted Reward Verifiers

Premium Reward

Available only to Portal Stars with proven skillsets and experience - our most and highly rewarded tasks


Amplify messages
Generate Content
Facebook Follows, Likes, Shares & Unique Posts.
Content creation around your project & published after review

Who are the
Reward seekers?

Reward Portal is building a decentralised workforce of skilled and verified freelancers. Email verification and 2FA help remove bots and prevent account duplication ensuring a high quality campaign with genuine people around the world.

Global Reach

Bitcoin - Lightning Network

All rewards are listed and paid in Bitcoin Satoshis via the Bitcoin Lightning Network. This enables our community to earn & live without borders